Martin Scorsese would have left his financial backer Graham King bankrupt if filming on The Aviator had overrun by more than a few days.

The Hollywood movie producer invested all of his company's assets into the biopic of maverick entrepreneur Howard Hughes but he had every faith the GANGS OF NEW YORK director would wrap up the project on schedule.

King says, "I was financing the whole movie so I needed assurance from Marty that it was going to come in on time, as I was on the hook for it. I said to him, 'We have a 90-day schedule, if it overruns to 100-days I'm bankrupt.'"

"He said, 'Kid, I'll get it done.' It was completed in 91-days and that additional day was only because one of our sets burnt down in a brush fire."

10/02/2005 17:47