Martin Kemp doesn't regret abusing drugs and alcohol during Spandau Ballet's heyday.

In a preview of Spandau Ballet's biographical film, 'Soul Boys of the Western World', bassist Martin has already admitted that he used ''cocaine, champers and adrenaline'' to survive in the 1980s, but now the 52-year-old musician has revealed that he doesn't regret his decision.

Talking to The Sun newspaper, Martin explained: ''I believe if I was sitting here today and I never did all that I would be really upset. The Eighties was all about excess of everything, so you have to put that in context.''

Band mate and older brother Gary Kemp then added: ''These days when we tour, the real difference with our backstage rider is that when we come off stage, our kids have already drunk all the booze.''

Saxophonist, Steve Norman also admitted that fans expect them to behave badly and would be ''disappointed'' if they became very reserved.

He told the newspaper: ''These days if we turned around and said we were Ovaltine guys people would have been disappointed. You've got to go for it.''

The men also joked about their outlandish outfits, which pioneered the New Romantic fashion movement.

Lead singer Tony Hadley, explained: ''People thought we wore those outfits then got home and changed out of them. But that's what we wore all the time. I wore ballet shoes and all sorts.''