Actor Martin Freeman was terrified of performing with British rockers THE BLOCKHEADS on Friday (09JUN06), because he had to fill in for late frontman Ian Dury. THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY star sang ONE LOVE with Dury's former bandmates at London venue The 100 Club, and his new movie CONFETTI features the group's calypso-style track. Although humble Freeman feared he could not step into Dury's shoes, the HIT ME WITH YOUR RHYTHM STICK hitmakers were thrilled with their guest star. Freeman said, "I was very nervous. They said they wanted something 'different', but I thought I'd be too different. I'm not in the band, I felt like I was taking up valuable air backstage! "I was really worried about forgetting the words, but as an actor, I learn words by rote, so I guess it's the same." Blockheads drummer DYLAN HOWE, son of Yes guitarist STEVE, says, "He did really well. It's no mean feat performing for Blockheads fans, but they loved him. "We're proud our music is featured in such a great British film, so we wanted to return the favour and get Martin on stage."