British movie maker Martin Campbell is bringing ANTONIO BANDERAS' ZORRO back to life in a sequel to the surprise hit The Mask of Zorro.

And this time the GOLDENEYE director has the full backing of Sony bosses, who didn't believe in the project.

He says, "The writers from ALIAS came up with the idea and I think we've got a script that will stand by itself. It doesn't feel like a sequel."

Sony vice-chairman JEFF BLAKE admits the studio made a big mistake by failing to get behind the first Zorro film, which also starred CATHERINE ZETA-JONES.

He explains, "I don't think we were as focused at really getting it out there around the world as much as we are now."

The movie made an astonishing $93 million (GBP51.7 million) upon its release in 1998.

10/05/2004 13:53