LATEST: Controversial British journalist Martin Bashir has confirmed he's coming back to haunt Michael Jackson as the King of Pop defends himself against child molestation charges - with a damning new TV special.

Bashir's 2003 TV documentary, LIVING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON, shocked the world when the pop superstar admitted he shared his bed with young boys during a chat with the interviewer.

A child featured in the film later accused Jackson of molesting him and now Bashir's documentary will be shown to jury members in the case.

Meanwhile, Bashir was so compelled by his meetings with Jackson and his investigation into his life, he has spent the past year developing a new film, MICHAEL JACKSON'S SECRET WORLD.

This documentary, which will feature "bizarre, surprising, disturbing claims" from some of the boys Jackson has befriended, will air in America on Thursday (17FEB05).

Bashir reveals the new film will uncover Jackson's "unusual friendships with children."

The interviewer made headlines on Friday (11FEB05) when his candid chat with Michael Jackson's former child star pal Corey Feldman aired on US news magazine show 20/20.

In that interview, Feldman told Bashir that his original documentary made him uncomfortable about his past relationship with Jackson. Feldman also revealed the pop star had shown him pornographic material.

Feldman has since been called by the prosecution in Jackson's case to testify against the King of Pop.

14/02/2005 02:41