Scots singer Marti Pellow saved a young model from dying after she went into anaphylactic shock. CLAIRE CATTERSON, sister of Pellow's girlfriend EILEEN, suffered a severe allergic reaction to nuts which caused her throat to close up, making it impossible to breathe. And Catterson would have died if the former Wet Wet Wet heart-throb hadn't injected her with adrenaline. She says, "My throat was burning and closed up. I had pins and needles all over my face. I lost my sight and then lost consciousness. "Luckily, Eileen knows about my allergy and was there when I had my first attack in Glasgow. She knew I had the adrenaline Epipen which is injected to open the windpipe. "Marti injected me and Eileen got me into the recovery position. If he and Eileen hadn't been there, God knows what could have happened."