Martha Wainwright was devastated after learning her father LOUDON's song I'D RATHER BE LONELY was written about her - but she retaliated with her own vengeful track years later.
Folk star Loudon Wainwright III recorded the track when Martha was just 14 and moved in with him in the U.S. after living with her mum, folk singer/songwriter Kate MCGarrigle, in Montreal, Canada.
The singer admits she had always "felt terribly sorry" for the woman her dad sang to in the track - until discovering it was written out of frustration towards her.
She recalls, "That hurt. Dad had taken a year off and suggested we live together. So I moved in with him in New York and it was a disaster. I was 14, which is a disaster for anyone - I was getting into smoking, drinking and boys - and he was 45, so he was probably having a mid-life crisis. Anyway, I wrote my own horrible song (as revenge)."
Martha released the song, Bl**dy Mother F**ing A**hole, on her self-titled debut in 2005.