Domestic guru Martha Stewart is finally free after removing her electronic ankle tag at 00.05 this morning (01SEP05)

The 64-year-old was allowed to snip the rubber band off herself bringing an end her "hideous" six-month house arrest.

Stewart has been confined to her home since March (05), following her five-month prison sentence at the Alderson Prison in West Virginia, following her conviction for lying about a suspicious stock sale.

And the prospect of leaving her 153-acre estate in Katonah, New York, has fills the star with "nervous excitement".

Stewart has to return the ankle bracelet to transmitters by the end of today.

CHRIS STANTON, the chief federal probation officer in New York, says, "We advise the offender in advance that unless they otherwise hear from us, at 12:01am, they can cut the bracelet off - it's just a rubber band. (Then) all monitoring will cease."

Stewart was scheduled to remove the tag on 10 August (05) but had her house arrest extended when she violated rules by attending a Yoga class.

She will remain on probation until March 2007.