Troubled lifestyle guru Martha Stewart has inspired a new movie about an "evil" and corrupt stockbroker - written by one of her former employees.

CLEANING LADY, penned by AJ BOLES, tells the story of MARGO SMITH, a TV show host who lands in the midst of a tax evasion criminal trial.

Boles - who until April (04) spent seven years working on Stewart's TV show MARTHA STEWART LIVING, most recently as a producer - tells America's STAR magazine, "There is nothing redeeming about this character - she is pure evil.

"Margo is inspired by Martha, but it's not a tell-all. I'm not disclosing any secrets."

Boles, who is currently shopping the script to a movie studio, sees GLENN CLOSE, Susan Sarandon and Jodie Foster as possible contenders for the role.

Stewart's insider-trading scandal culminated in July (04) with a five-month prison sentence.

05/09/2004 21:00