FLOETRY star Marsha Ambrosius is going solo with a little help from rap mogul Dr Dre.

The British singer/songwriter has signed a new deal with Dre's Aftermath label after meeting the impresario backstage at a Floetry show in Los Angeles.

The thrilled R+B star says, "It's a lifetime opportunity... It's not like he offers to do an album with everybody."

And Ambrosius is already getting a taste of just what her new deal means after meeting her new collaborator's famous friends, like rapper 50 CENT, as she worked on her new album.

She tells Billboard.com, "He was nodding his head, saying the track is on fire and maybe he'd get on it.

"I'm still kind of in a daze about it. It's all very much a dream."

Ambrosius insists her new solo project doesn't mean the end for Floetry - the duo is preparing to shoot a new video for LAY DOWN next month (FEB06), and she'll be joining her partner NATALIE STEWART at the Grammy Awards, where the group is nominated for a Best Urban/Alternative Performance prize.