Maroon 5 have done what so many artists before have done and got the help of a top looking actress to help their latest video look extra lovely. Minka Kelly, known best perhaps for her role in the film 'Charlie's Angels' appears on their high budget video for new song 'One More Night'. Evidence of the megabucks spent on the clip comes with further scanning of the credits, which shows that it was directed by 'Battleship' director Peter Berg. Thank goodness the song's success doesn't ride on box office sales.
"Minka was kind enough to make an appearance. That was pretty sweet," Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine said of the actress' involvement to MTV; explaining her role in the narrative he said, "She plays my wife who leaves me." It was a working relationship which apparently went well, with the vocalist continuing "She's great. The [story behind her involvement] was Pete reaching out to her and saying, 'Hey, do you want to do this?' and her saying 'Yes,' and us saying, 'Thank you!'"
It sounded like a process as simple as merely picking up the phone, but it's something that Levine evidently greatly appreciated, as he went on to give the star a shout-out on Mtv, saying "Thank you, Minka Kelly, for doing our video!" Aww.