Maroon 5 drummer RYAN DUSICK has spoken out about the debilitating health problems he suffering during the band's extended world tour supporting their hit album SONGS ABOUT JANE. The THIS LOVE sticksman became increasingly wracked with pain in his arms during the American group's three-year tour and was forced to return home to undergo intensive therapy in 2004, while his bandmates carried on performing with session musicians taking his place. Dusick opens his heart about his heartbreak in new book MIDNIGHT MILES. He writes, "We played three sold-out nights at the House of Blues, with TV appearances early each day, and by the end of the third show, my right arm was shaking so hard I was incapable of signing my own autograph. "I deteriorated to such a degree that both of my arms were pretty much useless. I underwent every kind of exam and therapy imaginable. No one could get a firm grip on what had gone wrong and how it could be resolved. All I knew is that I couldn't play the drums."