Rockers Maroon 5 have donated $250,000 (£156,250) to a U.S. hunger relief charity.
The stars teamed up with tea and juice beverage company Snapple to produce a limited edition drink named after their hit song She Will Be Loved, with all profits benefiting the Feeding America organisation.
The drink, named Tea Will Be Loved, goes on sale on Thursday (01Sep11), and the bandmembers, led by singer Adam Levine, have kickstarted their fundraising effort by digging deep into their own pockets to give the campaign a big boost.
And Levine admits he and his bandmates had a great time trying and testing different ingredients to come up with the finished product - a green tea flavoured with pomegranates and blackberries.
He tells, "It was fun, it was really cool. Some flavours we made tasted like s**t, some tasted amazing. The whole thing was a fun, charitable idea."