Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine was flattered to be on the receiving end of British rockers Oasis' derisory comments - as the bad words raised the band's profile in the U.K. Outspoken Oasis star Noel Gallagher took offence at having to share the stage with the American group at English festival V in August 2005, saying, "If we had a hand in picking the bill, Maroon 5 wouldn't be on it." But the This Love singer has thanked Gallagher for criticising the band, as he believes his comments have helped make Maroon 5 more popular. He says, "You go to England and it's different - depending on who's after you there. "Oasis said some things about us but the most flattering thing you can get being an American band coming to England, is something from Oasis, so thank you, Noel, for hating me, you've validated my existence."