Marnie Stern Releases New Single 'Risky Biz' Plus Album Out Today!

Marnie Stern Releases New Single 'Risky Biz' Plus Album Out Today!

"These markings I make/ they are a lot like love/ I tear the desert up/but it's not enough". So begins "Risky Biz", the new single from DIY NYC shredder extraordinaire Marnie Stern, and here is but one glimpse of the brilliant, ferocious, emotive and utterly thrilling forthcoming eponymous album, due on October 18.

Drawn from a difficult period in Stern's life, her third LP showcases a searing collection of songs, shot through with Stern's typically idiosyncratic flourishes and a turbulent rollercoaster of emotions, created in conjunction with her long-term collaborator Zach Hill and mixed by Lars Stalfors. "Risky Biz" epitomizes the exhilarating sturm und drang of the album, as tempos and dynamics shift wildly and suddenly in accordance with Stern's unpredictable vocals, one minute crooning "if you won't let me in/ I'll have to give you up" and the next howling "you outshine them all", wracked with anguish. It is, by turns, beautiful, bruising and deeply affecting, an untethered burst of raw, unfettered feeling.

In support of the album, Marnie Stern will also be coming to the UK for a few unmissable shows in November, beginning on the 18th in Nottingham, and culminating in two special shows in London at the end of the month, at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen and White Light at the Lexington.