Funnyman Marlon Wayans has become the latest comic to attack Tracy Morgan for homophobic remarks he made during a show in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this month (Jun11).
The White Chicks star, who teamed up with Morgan in 2006 film Little Man, has condemned the remorseful comedian, urging him to show better judgment when performing stand-up shows.
Wayans says, "He has the right to say what he says, but he has to be a little more responsible and write a little bit, and think a little more before he does it next time.
"Tracy needs to work on his material... Tracy's a cool dude. I just think he says dumb stuff."
But Wayans insists comics have been trying out unsavoury gags at clubs for years - and it's fans with camera phones that have turned bad jokes into headline-grabbing scandals.
He adds, "I don't like people having cameras in the comedy clubs, because you're just throwing thoughts out there, and that's the creative process. You're going to offend some people as you're finding the lines. Now, he didn't find a line, he found a cliff. But unfortunately, that happens."
Morgan has since apologised publicly for his homophobic remarks and is planning to return to Nashville next week (beg20Jun11) to personally beg the forgiveness of fans he offended.