Hollywood legend Marlon Brando acted upon his last wish through a series of acting classes which were supported by film buddy Jon Voight among many others.

Voight, who already has 58 film titles under his belt, agreed to help the selected students as a way of showing his appreciation for Brando as a friend and his hero.

Voight says, "Marlon called me up about it. He asked me to come to class to talk about a film he liked called Runaway Train. I said of course I will do anything for you Marlon. Anyway, I went to give my support."

The classes which were supported by fellow actors, including LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and Sean Penn, went on for several weeks and had the students' work critiqued and edited until he died earlier this month July (04).

Voight says, "He was very lively and playful, quite gracious and very loving. He hadn't taught before, so it was like he was inventing this method of teaching, searching for how he would do it."

Brando's enthusiam was marveled by Voight: "He said let's get on our feet do things, because talking doesn't do anything."

30/07/2004 14:25