Hollywood legend Marlon Brando has told family and friends he is ready to die, and has written the script for his own funeral.

The 79-year-old has reportedly been preparing for death since being told in February (03) he is suffering with congestive heart failure.

Friends say Brando has left instructions on dozens of dictated tapes - including who is not to be invited and the finer points of his will.

A source close to the star says, "Marlon has probably put as much attention to detail into his funeral plans as he would learning a movie script. He hopes Jack Nicholson will lead mourners and he would also like MICHAEL JACKSON to say a few words.

"Marlon's tapes say he wants to be cremated and have his ashes sprinkled among the palm trees of a Tahitian island he once owned. He's got to the stage now where he's ready to die."

But friends of the star are concerned he has lost the will to live.

One pal says, "It's sad to see him so ill. Everyone who loves him fears these are his last days. He's seeking clues as to what comes next."

26/10/2003 14:12