Late screen icon Marlon Brando's voiceover has reportedly been dropped from a video game based on The Godfather movie, because his ill health made it unusable.

Brando won an Oscar for his portrayal of mafia boss DON VITO CORLEONE in director Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 classic, but games publisher Electronic Arts is said to have turned to an impersonator to re-record the lines.

Brando attended a recording session in the months leading up to his death last year (01JUL04), but the use of an oxygen tank to aid his breathing diminished the quality of his voice.

A video game insider tells British newspaper The Independent, "(EA) only had him in for one session and didn't get through all the lines. Then most of what they did manage to record isn't useable because of an oxygen tank that he was breathing through at the time."

The source adds that EA's Brando impersonator does a competent job: "He's not bad but then who can't do a decent impression of The Godfather?"

27/07/2005 01:27