Marlon Brando's favourite self-help guru is returning to TV and this time she's hoping to net a world audience. Hanala Stadner's weekly cable-access broadcasts in Los Angeles in the 1980s and 1990s became a must-see for acting legend Brando, who attempted to woo the TV counsellor, and steal her away from her husband. Stadner, who adopted the name Susan for the show, ended her health, fitness and advice broadcasts in 1999 to concentrate on a writing career, and superfan Brando was devastated. But now the Canadian has been persuaded to return to TV - as the host of new advice show Traumedy Central With Hanala on satellite channel Jewish Life. She says, "The show is being beamed all over the world - to Israel and even to the former Polish ghetto where my parents come from." But Stadner admits she'll miss the late-night calls from her most famous fan. She adds, "He told me he used to watch the show and video it and then watch it again in slow motion with the sound turned down because he liked the way my lips moved. "We became great friends and he even invited me to join him for a holiday on his island in Tahiti but my husband didn't like that."