An affectionate telegram from late movie legend Marlon Brando to MARILYN MONROE during her nervous breakdown in 1961 was discovered last week (begs23MAY05) during the break-up of Brando's estate.

Following his death last year (JUL04), The Godfather star's personal belongings from his Beverly Hills, California, home are being sold off at auction after neighbour and pal Jack Nicholson bought the hilltop mansion earlier this month (MAY05).

The typed message, dated 27 February 1961, shows Brando's support for the troubled Hollywood actress whilst she was recovering from a nervous breakdown in a New York Hospital.

The telegram reads: "The best reappraisals are born in the worst critics. It has happened to all of us in relative degrees.

"Be glad for it and don't be afraid of it. It can only help. Relax and enjoy it.

"I send you my thoughts and my warmest affections. Marlon."

The telegram forms part of a remarkable set of over 250 items which are expected to fetch up to $1 million (GBP550,000) at a New York auction house Christie's on 30 June (05).

Other items include the script from his 1972 classic THE GODFATHER, his OSCAR nomination certificate for ON THE WATERFRONT and the infamous black outfit he wore in the first Superman movie.

31/05/2005 17:27