Marlon Brando's former maid has settled a lawsuit against the executors of the late screen legend's will, after claiming they had amended the will without his knowledge. ANGELA BORLAZA worked for Brando for nine years and cared for him during the last years of his life prior to his July 2004 death. Borlaza filed suit against producer Mike Medavoy, LARRY J DRESSLER and AVRA DOUGLAS in 2005, claiming she was a victim of fraud, deceit and a broken oral contract. She alleged the trio changed the Oscar winner's will 13 days before his death, replacing his former trustees with their own names. Borlaza insisted the actor was too ill to sign the will and that they forged his signature. She also accused them of wrongly evicting her from the property Brando had bought her in San Fernando Valley, California. Last month (DEC06), Borlaza agreed to settle the case for GBP125,000 ($243,750) through arbitration.