Marlon Brando's ex-wife ANNA KASHFI is taking legal action against a Los Angeles hospital over the death of their son CHRISTIAN BRANDO.
Kashfi, who was married to the late Hollywood star for two years until 1959, has filed suit against bosses at the CHA Health System, the company which runs the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, where Christian died in 2008 following a battle with pneumonia.
The suit alleges the doctor who treated the 49 year old was "reckless in providing medical care and monitoring Christian," according to papers obtained by
Brando's former wife is also suing two of the star's other children, Teihotu and Rebecca, who he had with previous partners, for allegedly interfering with Kashfi's right to dispose of Christian's remains.
Kashfi filed the papers on Friday (22Jan10). She is suing for unspecified damages.