Marlon Brando's ex-wife ANNA KASHFI has blasted the late movie icon's estate for not consulting her and son CHRISTIAN before selling off THE GODFATHER star's possessions at an auction last week (ends01JUL05).

Kashfi insists her son with Brando would have liked to have been offered his father's scripts before they were sold off to the highest bidder.

Brando's ex, who was cut out of the actor's will, says, "The estate didn't have the decency to ask me if there was anything I might like as a memento.

"His heirs by the other wives apparently didn't value these things and just put them up for sale to get the cash. I know Christian would have wanted The Godfather script Marlon worked from."

Brando died last year at the age of 80.

08/07/2005 10:51