Movie legend Marlon Brando insisted his bedroom be sealed and his staff be sent home upon his death - because he feared mementoes and gifts and documents he had left for family members would be stolen.

According to a new Playboy magazine expose, Brando gave his former business manager JOAN CORRALES an eight item list so she could take care of his personal matters upon his death.

Corrales, who was mysteriously dismissed by Brando just weeks before he passed away last summer (JUL04), has revealed she was told to lock Brando's corpse in his room, tell his eldest son CHRISTIAN how much he was loved and make sure no one saw the actor after his death.

Brando also asked Corrales to make sure that Christian was allowed into his father's room two weeks after his death to pick up a special keepsake left for him in Brando's private bathroom.

But after Corrales was dismissed, many of the items on Brando's list were ignored.

His closest friends were disturbed when he was put on display at a Sherman Oaks, California funeral home.

Longtime pal and stylist PHILIP RHODES says, "It was appalling. That was the last thing Marlon would have wanted, to be put on display like that."

On principal, many pals like Rhodes refused to go to the "viewing."

13/06/2005 21:31