Marlon Brando's former daughter-in-law has lost her appeal to overturn the late movie icon's will and dismiss the executors he listed.
Deborah Brando's third attempt to "disturb the closed estate" of Marlon Brando was ruled improper in the State of California Court of Appeal last week (30Jul09).
A judge in the case ruled in favour of the Brando Trust and upheld Avra Douglas, Larry Dressler and Mike Medavoy as co-executors of the Brando estate.
Brando, who was married to the movie star's late son Christian, petitioned to revoke the decision of the probate May 2007 court orders and challenge the will and reopen the estate.
Her original challenge was denied when the probate court dismissed her first attempt in January, 2008.
The Court of Appeal awarded Douglas, Medavoy and Dressler their costs on appeal.
The trustees' attorney, Michael Brophy, tells WENN, "It is unfortunate that the appellant continued to seek to disturb the closed estate, even after the probate court explained that her action was inappropriate. The probate statutes are designed to provide certainty and to prevent untimely attacks like these. The statutory protections and procedures prevent disinterested parties from using untimely, false accusations to disturb settled transactions and distributions.
"We are delighted by the ruling of the Court of Appeal and look forward to continuing to carry out all of our responsibilities as co-trustees according to Marlon Brando's wishes.
"We have dealt with numerous lawsuits involving Marlon Brando's Estate since 2004 and we look forward to having the one remaining lawsuit resolved in the very near future so that the Trust can focus its time, attention and valuable resources on building a strong and successful business on behalf of the beneficiaries."
In May (09), movie mogul Medavoy told WENN he has found managing late pal Brando's estate difficult - because he and his fellow trustees have been hit with countless requests for cash from the late star's former business associates and hangers-on.
He said, "There's so many people sucking up to Marlon but he left the estate to 10 people. That's it.
"He made three people trustees and if I'd known all the things I have been through, I think I would have thought about it twice, and probably never done it. It comes with all these crazies."