Marlon Brando's portrayal as DON VITO CORLEONE in screen classic The Godfather has been voted the UK's favourite screen gangster. Brando's performance in the 1972 movie beat out competition from Al Pacino playing Tony Montana in Scarface. Robert De Niro's turn as AL CAPONE in The Untouchables came third in the poll by Universal Pictures UK. The Top Five Favourite Screen Gangsters are: 1. DON VITO CORLEONE (MARLON BRANDO) - THE GODFATHER (1972) 2. TONY MONTANA (AL PACINO) - SCARFACE (1983) 3. AL CAPONE (ROBERT DE NIRO) - THE UNTOUCHABLES (1987) 4. JULES WINNFIELD (Samuel L Jackson) - Pulp Fiction (1994) 5. NICKY SANTORO (Joe Pesci) - CASINO (1995).