Marlon Brando's troubled son CHRISTIAN has checked into a homeless shelter in Longview, Washington, because he fears for his safety after being linked to the murder of Bonny Lee Bakley.

Actor Robert Blake's defence team claim they can link Brando, who served five years in prison for the murder of his sister's boyfriend DAG DROLLET, to the Bakley scandal - and though Marlon's son insists he's innocent, he isn't taking any chances.

He has quit the remote woodland home where he lives alone in rural Washington, and moved in with other troubled souls in a homeless shelter.

And speaking exclusively to American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER, Brando insists claims he's involved in the Bakley murder are "ridiculous".

He says, "I've talked to the Los Angeles cops and I'm in the clear. I don't know why people keep trying to drag me into that mess."

08/09/2003 02:47