Marlon Brando's son CHRISTIAN faces spousal abuse charges just three months after exchanging vows with his new wife DEBORAH.

But his wife insists the Christmas Eve (24DEC04) incident which led to his arrest is part of a huge misunderstanding.

Deborah Brando has gone to American legal show CELEBRITY JUSTICE in a bid to get charges against her husband dropped.

She claims Christian "flipped out" when he thought he heard an intruder in the house they share - only to realise the intruder was in fact his wife.

She says, "I'm sure in his mind he thought it was an intruder. The minute we flipped on the light switch he knew it was me.

"He just pushed me. I fell back, (and he was) kicking me a little bit."

Christian took his wife to hospital after the attack and suspicious nurses called the police.

Unfortunately for the late Brando's son, he has a history of violence - in 1991, he pleaded guilty to killing his half-sister's boyfriend and served five years in prison.

Brando's name has also been linked to the ongoing Robert Blake murder trial after he was linked romantically to Blake's dead wife Bonny Lee Bakley, who once alleged he was the father of her daughter ROSE.

Brando is due to be arraigned on spousal abuse charges on 1 February (05).

20/01/2005 21:32