Marlon Brando's family road trips were legendary because it would take him two weeks to get anywhere, as he insisted on stopping at every diner en route.

His son MIKO reveals his best memories of his father are of the two of them travelling together.

Miko says, "We took trips into the desert, motorcycle riding, hiking, rock collecting and taking road trips. We took a lot of road trips.

"There was one trip we took, just him and I during the mid-seventies and we took off to New Mexico. I drove and he enjoyed the scenery and went through the desert and he would look at the flowers and look at the plants.

"He just enjoyed it and there was no time limit. A trip that would've normally taken a day ended up taking us two weeks to

get there. We would stop at every little diner along the way."

10/11/2004 09:08