LATEST: A witness who claims she heard Marlon Brando's son tell two stuntmen that the wife of actor ROBERT BLAKE should be shot could be questioned in court.

DIANE MATTSON says she heard CHRISTIAN BRANDO in a speaker-phone conversation with JERRY LEE PETTY and RONALD 'DUFFY' HAMBLETON, suggesting somebody "ought to put a bullet" through the head of Bonny Lee Bakley.

Bakley was shot dead on 4 May 2001 as she sat in a car outside a restaurant where she had just dined with her husband Blake, who is on trial for her murder.

But Los Angeles prosecutors are expected to oppose a Mattson interrogation on the grounds her testimony isn't urgent.

Blake's defence attorney, THOMAS MESEREAU JR, says Mattson is "scared to death" of Brando and even thinks he might try and harm her and her son.

For this reason, Mesereau Jr wants Mattson to testify now - in a pretrial session - in order to discourage anyone intent on preventing her.

Brando has already been interviewed by police and was cleared as a suspect after becoming romantically involved with Bakley.

The defence allege that trouble brewed when Brando thought her baby could be his and that Bakley was trying to get her hands on the Brando millions.

Paternity tests revealed Blake to be the child's father.

09/07/2003 17:11