Late movie great Marlon Brando loved April Fool's Day (01APR), because it gave him the chance to pull elaborate pranks on his friends and neighbours.

Jack Nicholson, who shared a Hollywood compound with his idol, was often the target of Brando's practical jokes.

Nicholson says, "Brando's favourite holiday was April Fool's Day, and, trust me, the guy pulled a couple of real crackerjacks at my expense.

"Some of those pranks will have to remain private... I will say the best April Fool's Day prank he ever pulled on me was the time he sent me a very serious letter... He wrote me saying he was going to have to sell his place to somebody.

"I can't remember exactly who it was, but it was someone perfectly selected, because he knew it would make me uneasy having this person suddenly become the new keeper of the gate.

"According to our mutual friend HELENA, Marlon never stopped laughing about that time he got me to go completely crazy."

29/07/2004 09:48