Movie legend Marlon Brando lured his fellow sex symbol Marilyn Monroe back to his hotel, only to snub her as blondes weren't his type.

The ON THE WATERFRONT star, who died last year (04), contacted the screen goddess after his pal GEORGE ENGLUND suggested he could persuade any woman to come to him at a moment's notice.

But despite Monroe's image as the ultimate male fantasy, Brando's connection with the Some Like It Hot beauty was purely platonic.

Englund, who recently wrote MARLON BRANDO: THE NAKED TRUTH, a biography of his late friend, recalls, "We were in New York. I said to him he could probably call any woman anywhere in the world and if he asked her to come over to the hotel, there was a high probability she would.

"Marilyn was staying at the Plaza Hotel across the street. He had never met her before but he phoned her, gave her a few chat lines, and she said she'd come.

"And they sat and talked about what it was like to be surrounded by people who wanted to say they'd slept with a movie star, not people who wanted to know the human being you were.

"They had a rapport that evening, a shared experience, but she wasn't his type."

06/07/2005 05:10