Late Hollywood icon Marlon Brando loved escaping from the pressures of stardom by immersing himself in cooking.

British public relations guru Max Clifford was charged with looking after the ON THE WATERFRONT star during a trip to London in the 1980s and was amazed when Brando spent an evening in the kitchen of his local Chinese restaurant.

Clifford says, "I knew how much he liked to eat and cook, so I arranged for him to come along to my local Chinese restaurant which at the time had a particularly good Chinese chef.

"Brando arrived and went straight into the kitchen and spent the whole evening cooking. The chef didn't speak a word of English, so I popped back every so often to check Brando was OK. It was extraordinary to see this large man who was such a huge star talking to a tiny, unknown chef.

"They didn't understand a word each other said but cooking together seemed to transcend that and they were obviously both enjoying themselves. The highlight of the evening was when Brando came out of the kitchen carrying an enormous lobster he'd prepared.

"The mouths of the other customers, who hadn't known he was there, dropped open in astonishment."