Hollywood legend Marlon Brando is fighting for his life after suffering congestive heart failure.

The GODFATHER actor has been in poor health for the last few weeks and reports suggest he may not recover.

His doctor has advised that he should be immediately admitted to the local hospital but Brando refused saying, "Over my dead body".

And his family fear that the A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE star could be in his final days.

A family friend told British tabloid THE DAILY SPORT, "Marlon seems intent on dying at his home in Los Angeles, where he's lived for many years.

"For more than a month he's been receiving oxygen to help him breathe. He's in really bad shape and his family is very afraid he may not live much longer.

"He spends his days lying on his side in bed watching television or reading magazines. He's not saying much and refuses to eat because he has no appetite."