Marlon Brando's third wife TARITA TERIIPAIA has exposed secrets from their ten-year marriage in her memoirs, including how the late acting legend turned his back on their mentally-disturbed daughter CHEYENNE.

The GODFATHER star married the Tahitian beauty in 1962 after meeting on the set of 1960 film Mutiny on the Bounty. They went on to have two children - a son TEIHOTU and daughter Cheyenne.

The 63-year-old former actress claimed she wrote MARLON, MY LOVE, MY SUFFERING - which hit bookstores in France yesterday (31JAN05) - to get over her turbulent past.

Teriipaia says, "We lived terrible tragedies and we all suffered a lot. Marlon never spoke about it. I wanted our children, all our grand-children to know our history."

In the tome, Teriipaia describes how Brando switched from begging her to have a child to urging her to have an abortion when she fell pregnant with Teihotu.

Teriipaia claims Brando withdrew from his once-beloved daughter Cheyenne when she began to have violent fits, explaining, "When she started being ill, he stopped coming here, to Tahiti, and no longer called."

Cheyenne's half-brother CHRISTIAN, whose mother was Welsh actress ANNA KASHFI, was jailed in 1990 for the murder of Cheyenne's boyfriend. Sadly, Cheyenne committed suicide in 1995, aged 25.

Decades after their 1972 divorce, Cheyenne's untimely death brought Brando and Teriipaia back together.

Teriipaia laments, "He attracted me and at the same time he scared me. He gives me everything. With him I feel protected, he watches over me, he gives me everything I want.

"(The book) allowed me to understand that despite everything, we loved each other. It was probably an impossible love, but it was our love."

Brando died in Los Angeles in July (04) from pulmonary fibrosis.

01/02/2005 09:19