Marlon Brando's former assistant is suing the late actor's estate for $2 million (GBP1.1 million) after it evicted her from a house she claims the GODFATHER star gave her. ANGELA BORLAZA worked for Brando from 1995 until his death in 2004, at which point she was his executive assistant. In court papers filed at Los Angeles Superior Court she claims Brando made a verbal agreement to buy her a house. She moved into the property in 2002, but the deeds were never transferred to her name and Borlaza claims she was evicted by executors MIK MEDAVOY and LARRY DRESSLER in 2005, a year after Brando died. She is suing for the proceeds of the house. Borlaza also suggests Brando's signature was forged on his will which was amended just days before he died. She claims the actor was "incapacitated, confused, medicated and non-communicative" when the will was changed. Borlaza also claims the alterations were "designed to isolate (Brando) from his long-time advisers and personal advisers" in order to "gain control over (his) estate after his death".