Attorneys representing Marlon Brando's estate are trying to shut down a website dedicated to the late actor's beloved chickens.

Brando's longtime pal Jo An Corrales (corr) runs the site from her home in Washington, where she raises 34 chickens the movie icon bought as pets.

The harmless site just features photos of the actor's fowl pets, but Brando's estate claims it breaches brand packaging.

The estate is attempting to shut down all websites that are operating under the late Oscar-winning actor's name and benefitting from his fame.

But Corrales insists attempts to shut her down are unfair - she claims her actor pal gave her permission to do what she wanted with the website, as long as she continued to look after his chickens.

She says, "The estate is using this lawsuit as a smokescreen for undermining the ability for us to speak candidly in a public forum and we are being singled out to keep quiet."

08/07/2005 08:29