Screen legend Marlon Brando was the first person to make Jackie Kennedy ONASSIS laugh after the tragic assassination of her first husband - former US President JOHN F KENNEDY - in 1963.

The late ON THE WATERFRONT star, who died last year (04), whisked grieving Kennedy to an expensive restaurant to lift her spirits. Even though they had to escape photographers before their meal, she told GEORGE ENGLUND, Brando's pal and writer of a new biography, how thrilled she was to finally have fun again.

She told him, "You forget how good it is just to laugh... I don't think I've imagined myself laughing since Jack died."

Englund adds, "That tells you something of his power, his charisma, with people. To make that woman laugh at that time, forget her troubled just for an evening.

"In a matter of seconds he could make someone he'd never met feel like the most interesting, the most sensual person in the world."

06/07/2005 01:45