Poems written by late screen goddess Marlene Dietrich during the final years of her life have been discovered by her only child MARIA RIVA.

Dietrich, who died aged 90 in 1992, famously ended her life as an insomniac and recluse, but her literary works have only just come to light.

Much of the rediscovered poetry was dedicated to deceased lovers, including Ernest Hemingway and Yul Brynner, and had been written on an old typewriter previously belonging to playwright Noel Coward.

Riva says, "My mother withdrew because she was simply tired of being Marlene Dietrich.

"She was tired of the endless effort to present an ideal of perfection even though she was not perfect."

Film critic PETER ZANDER says, "Thirteen years after her death, the discovery of these poems is nothing short of a sensation.

"It is a late opportunity, a chance we thought we would never get, of explaining the last years of isolation of a great legend."