Deaf actress Marlee Matlin's hit family drama Switched At Birth will make history on Monday (04Mar13) when it becomes the first-ever show to air an episode entirely in American Sign Language (Asl).

The series features a mixed cast of regular and hard of hearing actors, and to support the programme's goal of promoting equality among those with disabilities, bosses have filmed the 39th episode, entitled Uprising, in Asl.

The ground-breaking show will feature captions to accommodate viewers who cannot sign, and longtime activist Matlin, who became the first deaf performer to win a Best Actress Oscar in 1986 for Children of a Lesser God, couldn't be more proud.

Speaking through an interpreter during an appearance on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America on Monday, she said, "It is an amazing, amazing journey for me... to be able to have the opportunity to see deaf culture, sign language, and not have to explain it, just show how beautiful it is as a culture and a language. So tonight the entire episode is just perfectly designed to show and highlight to the whole world what it is all about, American Sign Language...

"Never in the history of television has that ever been done. So I'm really proud of it."