Cult musician Marky Ramone hopes his mini-tour of THE Ramones music will create a new generation of fans for the legendary New York band.

The two-date MARKY RAMONE AND FRIENDS (AN EVENING OF MUSIC BY THE RAMONES) is designed to gauge audience interest in the influential 70s punk rock group.

Drummer Ramone, 47, tells Billboard.COM, "I've been getting so much email and things from kids saying, 'Why don't you come out and play some Ramones songs?' because of a lot of them were too young to see the Ramones.

"So I figured I would put something together, do a few shows, have some fun and make some Ramones fans happy."

Original guitarist Johnny Ramone is no longer interested in playing music, while Joey Ramone died of lymphoma in 2001, followed a year later by the death of vocalist and bass player DEE DEE RAMONE from a drugs overdose.

Fans attending the shows can expect to hear material from all eras of the Ramones' 20-plus year career.

Marky adds, "This isn't a tribute band, I want to make that clear.

"I just want to show people what I played in The Ramones, who weren't able to see the Ramones and how other bands have, I guess, imitated or copped things from the Ramones, and have put it in their own style, which is fine."

09/01/2004 17:03