Marky Ramone struggled to contain his emotions at the London screening of Ramones docu-film TOO TOUGH TO DIE: A TRIBUTE TO Johnny Ramone last night (04OCT06), because it highlighted the painful fact he is the only surviving member of the New York punk band. The film, which is part of the prestigious Raindance Film Festival, features footage from the BEAT ON THE BRAT band's 30 year anniversary concert in 2004, starring Debbie Harry and Pearl Jam'S EDDIE VEDDER in the line-up. The gig was filmed just two days before JOHNNY RAMONE died from cancer. JOEY and DEE DEE RAMONE had also passed away within the three years before Johnny's demise, and drummer Marky found the film brought back difficult memories. He says, "It's a reminder of the three friends I had, and bandmates that I had who are no longer with us. Along with me, I'm sure a lot of the fans feel the same way." But he insists that despite his bandmates' demise, the iconic group have as strong a message for today's young generation as they did in the 1970s. He adds, "The Ramones relate to youth and for some reason youth looks at them as a band that's still fresh, and has something to offer still. "We did write about frustrations and anxieties that youth has. Every generation has the same problems."