Mark Wright needs to stop ''rushing'' his career otherwise he will miss out on the lives of his future children.

The 32-year-old TV personality - who is married to Michelle Keegan - stepped down from his presenting role on 'Extra' earlier this year in order to return to the UK, and admitted he was previously warned to slow down his ambition or life would pass him by.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women', he said: ''Sometimes my drive is too much and I think I would like it to chill out a bit. I get one job and then I think 'What's the next thing?'

''My American boss said to me - I went in after two months and it was this dream job and I was so lucky to get it, and I was like 'How do I become the main host?'

''And she was like, 'What? Why are you always in a rush? When you have children they are going to get to 18 and you're going to look back and say 'I missed it all.'...And that always stuck with me.''

Mark hopes any children he and his wife have will grow up to ''live in the moment'' rather than inherit his ''seriously competitive'' edge.

He said of his prospective kids: ''If they've got my personality traits, which is seriously competitive and always wanting something else, even when it comes to work and always wanting to win too much rather than just living in the moment, because that's one thing that annoys me.''

And the former 'Only Way is Essex' star loves that his wife can be ''chilled'' and ''hard-working'' at the same time because it is the complete opposite to his attitude.

He added: ''Michelle's very hard-working, she's away now, but mentally she's a bit more chilled than I am when it comes to that stuff.

''And you know, she's so talented and work comes through at the moment and she's so fortunate that is happening, but I'm just always chasing that next thing...Well, all my family, my dad and his three brothers, were sportsmen.''