Mark Wright has revealed he struggles with sleep paralysis.

The 31-year-old television personality took to Twitter on Wednesday (13.06.18) to seek advice from his followers after he was plagued by the condition, which is characterised by a feeling of being conscious but unable to move.

Posting a picture of the definition of the condition, Mark wrote on Twitter: ''Anyone have this ? Iv had it a few times. Last night was the worse I ever had it. Horrendous feeling. (sic)''

Fans were quick to tell the 'Extra' presenter about their experiences with sleep paralysis, and Mark even told one follower he was left ''screaming'' after the horrendous ordeal.

When one fan told him: ''It's awful! I had it when I was a teen! It felt like a ghost was pushing me down in my sleep and I was trying to scream and wake up but no words would come out! (sic)''

He replied: ''Exactly that !! I could of sworn a ghost was pinning my shoulders down. Once I snapped out of it I was screaming. (sic)''

Another user told the former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star that they were ''terrified'' to go back to sleep after suffering with the condition in the middle of the night, and Mark noted that he too finds the situation ''horrific''.

The follower wrote: ''They are horrendous. I felt like I've been thrown around my bedroom before. Always too terrified to go back to sleep afterwards #scarey (sic)''

And Mark replied: ''I feel ya, last night though, when I went back to sleep it happened again. Twice in one night, horrific. (sic)''

Sleep paralysis can be caused by a number of factors including lack of sleep, a changing sleep schedule, poor mental health, and even sleeping on your back.

Most people don't need treatment for their sleep paralysis, but treating underlying issues such as improving sleep habits can help relieve the symptoms.