FATIMA WHITBREAD was at the centre of the first heated debate on this year's 'I'm A Celebrity.Get Me Out of Here, reacting furiously to being beaten in a light-hearted quiz hosted by 'The Only Way is Essex' star Mark Wright.
The former Olympic athlete was competing in a game called 'Family Jungle', which was designed by Wright to pass the time in camp. Emmerdale star Lorraine Chase teamed up with Antony Cotton while Fatima partnered CRISSY ROCK. Beginning the quiz, Mark asked fans who his favourite footballer was, to which Fatima blurted out, "Well there is only one great British footballer and that's David Beckham and shame on you if you've not got it". After Mark told her she had the wrong answer, Fatima reacted furiously but nevertheless kept guessing after being handed the clue 'Redknapp'. The Olympian guessed 'Harry Redknapp', but when Mark revealed the correct answer was his son Jamie Redknapp, Fatima yelled, "I'm not having that.I'm allowed to have my opinion and the rules were wishy washy". Although the pair agreed to disagree, the tension was still palpable over dinner, with Fatima suggesting Mark and Antony should do the washing up. Lorraine butted in to defend Mark, telling Fatima, "I'm trying to clear the air because I don't want to go to bed with you upset.But the way you talk. Its offensive".
Despite an opening few days that saw her tipped as a potential winner of the show, Fatima is now likely to get the boot during the first elimination this week.