Hollywood hunk Mark Wahlberg is finding it easy to relate to his character in forthcoming movie Four Brothers, because the plot reflects his own tough upbringing.

Wahlberg, model Garrett Hedlund, singer/actor Tyrese Gibson and Outkast star ANDRE 3000 play adopted brothers who vow to avenge the death of their mother in the JOHN SINGLETON-directed drama.

Wahlberg can relate to his character's plight, having grown up as the youngest son in a family of nine - one of his five brothers being former NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK pop star and BOOMTOWN actor Donnie Wahlberg.

He tells British movie magazine EMPIRE, "I was the youngest of nine children, so this movie's probably the closest to my own roots."

Wahlberg admits he has been feeling the cold spending last winter (05) filming the Detroit-set movie in freezing Canada.

He explains, "There's been a chilly few days and we did a scene where a guy sets two rottweilers on me. So not exactly a funfest, but really rewarding."

06/06/2005 17:40