Movie hunk Mark Wahlberg has severed links to his violent past - thanks to the music of Oasis, Coldplay and a cassette of Tibetan teachings.

The PLANET OF THE APES star has a violent past, which led to a 50 day stint in prison for attacking two Vietnamese men he tried to rob.

However, 15 years later Wahlberg believes he has won his battle with his short temper - with the help of "the right music."

Wahlberg, who once fronted hip-hop group MARKY MARK + THE FUNKY BUNCH, has ditched the rap music he used to love in favour of CIGARETTES + ALCOHOL and other Oasis hits.

He explains, "I try not to listen to rap anymore because as soon as I do, I'm ready to bust some heads. I can only listen to some angry 2PAC record on my way to church.

"I also listen to reggae and Oasis, and some Coldplay. I still have Nas and Jay-Z. Very rarely do I turn that on."

And Wahlberg has also found the teachings of Uma Thurman's Buddhist guru father ROBERT extra calming, as he prepares to become a father for the first time in August (03).

He adds, "I'm listening to the JEWEL TREE by BOB THURMAN. He's a professor at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY.

"In my next film (I LOVE HUCKABEES), my character listens to that Tibetan music. It's very calming."

Thurman's spoken word cassette package has become a big hit in America for people keen to learn more about Buddhism.

21/05/2003 13:47