Mark Wahlberg is struggling to persuade his chef brother to turn the family-run new burger diner in Boston, Massachusetts into the site of a new reality TV show - because his sibling fears it will turn the restaurant into a joke.
The movie star and producer and brother Donnie are backing their sibling Paul financially as he realises his dream of opening his own fast food restaurant, Wahlburgers.
The Departed star recently revealed a TV series chronicling the restaurant venture is in the works, although he would only be taking on a behind-the-scenes role.
The place opens for business on 24 October (11), but Mark admits Paul has yet to give the TV idea the go-ahead because reality shows like MTV's Jersey Shore have made the genre laughable.
Mark says, "I've always said if there's one really talented person in the family it's him. He's been a chef for 20, 30 years... But he doesn't eat good food. All he eats is burgers.
"Everyone thinks it's a great idea that we should do this kind of docu-drama show about the making of the business, but when you say reality show, he thinks Jersey Shore, which is not a good thing.
"He is so passionate about everything that he does; it's all about the customer, it's all about the quality of food, he loves the town that he lives in. He is such a proud, honest, straight, hard-working guy and that's what we want the show to be about... It's really about business and building that brand and putting our family to work."
And Wahlberg is hoping his mother will be a big part of the TV show, if his brother agrees to let cameras into his burger joint.
He adds, "Literally, 25 years ago, the name Wahlberg was a bad thing; you only heard it in all the courthouses in our neighbourhood. And now my mother got named to be one of the most 100 influential people in Boston, she's doing the Boston version of Dancing With the Stars for charity and hopefully she'll be a big character and part of the docu-drama."