Movie star Mark Wahlberg has signed on to play revered sports fan VINCE PAPALE, who famously won the chance to play briefly for American football team the Philadelphia Eagles.

The PLANET OF THE APES star admits he was drawn to the real-life story, INVINCIBLE, because he's an avid sports fan himself and he understood what it must be like to join the heroes on the football field.

Papale, a teacher and part-time bartender, became an unlikely sporting hero in the mid-1970s when he earned a walk-on spot on his NFL (National Football League) hometown team.

He became the oldest NFL rookie to play without any prior college football experience. He ended up playing on the team for three seasons.

Wahlberg tells MTV News, "He's what every person who ever aspired to play in the NFL or professional sports wants to be.

"The guy became the heart and soul of the team and uplifted the whole city. He's the real ROCKY BALBOA of Philadelphia, and he's an amazing guy, an amazing father and an amazing son. He has all the heart in the world."

Greg Kinnear will play legendary Eagles coach DICK VERMEIL in the Disney family film.